Friday, December 18, 2009

[ 18122009 1.45am | grrrR. ]

today is a happening day. Somehow the work hours passed mega fast... And before I knew it I was on the bus home.
Yeah!!! I actually took a bus home today! How amazing is that.
Partly cos I had nothing to rush back for, for once.
My dad has decided to cut off my net at 1am everynight in an attempt to make me sleep more.
Its good... And bad... But... Mostly bad I guess.
Anyhow he's my dad and I «3 him.
So ya.
And... I think a lot of you have asked me this question -
Why did u go back to competitive?
Well... Its a combination of being psychoed by cyn, and being psychoed by dawn.
Cyn says : if I get a ticket back, you're playing last.
Dawn says : if you don't help me, I cannot keep the team going.
And somehow... A lot of things seem to be falling into place after I came back...
So even though I do need a break... BADLY... To sort out my life and stuff...
I guess the time is not now.
But certain decisions will still have to be made... Just perhaps with different reasons.
So... Hmm.
I'm back..?
(How tiresome)
But I «3 the girls... And I guess I've worked too hard to just let it go.
I still remember the days when it was just dawn and shan and I.
Then it was dawn and I for the longest most painful time.
And then we are here.
Life is strange.
I'm looking forward to seeing what else it has in store for me.

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