Sunday, December 06, 2009

[ 06122009 3.30pm | song,again. ]

"And baby, maybe I
Don't say it as often as I should
But I really want it to be heard
When I say 'I love you' that's for good..."
The songs I used to listen to on 98.7 gradually made their way to class 95, and now they're on gold 90fm.
I think this one is dakota moon - a promise I make?
Sexyfats! You're one of my rare eloquent, expressive readers. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
In many ways I consider myself fortunate. What I/we have today is a combination of hard work, luck, and a good working partner.
This does feel like a post on the pink zinic site... Which I will post up later - on why female gamers are not rich.
I'm on my bb now, so I'll probably elaborate and thank fats more later.

here's the pinkzinic article as promised
its all about us females, having fun doing what we love.
it IS that simple.

"to be recognised for something you have fun doing, and then be envied for it."
thats the line from fats that struck me the most.
and trying to edit a post i already posted is making me seem very disjointed.

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