Monday, December 28, 2009

[ 28122009 10.36am | struggles ]

if you wonder why my blog is silent, its because i've been going through some internal struggles.
and me being me... i rather keep silent than splash it out here.
suffice it to say that things are falling into place by themselves.
its interesting, i'd say that i create my destiny, if i want something, i'd do everything in my power to get it, but at the same time, i'm a firm believer in 'meant to be'.
i never really let it go though...
na de qi fang de xia. after you strive so hard for something, how do you just let go ?
keeping options open. what lengths will you go to in order not to burn bridges.


sexyfats said...

this moment is perfect. that was your msn nick throughout the period

tammy said...


jared said...

do i win a prize?

coolstorybro said...

not splashing out your problems here is bad... so how do you go through your struggles? by cutting your wrist??