Tuesday, December 15, 2009

[ 15122009 2.33am | flu-ed fish ]

I am somehow down with flu again, and I've been sleeping on and off since getting back home from work/doctors. Zz. Which means... My sleeping time is all messed up again!!!
So that explains why I'm alive at this time I guess?

I've been contemplating many situations, but one common theme - interpersonal dynamics.
It surprises me that I actually am perceptive enough to grasp a lot of subtleties.
I never thought of myself as being... Sensitive to these things?
Many times, I don't consciously know it, I just react. Its only when I put it into words (nope, not gossip) that I really realise... 'Woah... How did I know all that? The whole situation suddenly makes so much sense now that I've put it down in words!"
I've been attempting to proceed with more calculated responses... Even though I do find it necessary to dish out my exceedingly blunt side to some unsuspecting soul.
But really... I've been scaring myself with some gems of wisdom that drop out of my mouth.
Is this something that comes with growing older?
If it is, then its another reason why I like adding years to my age.

The other day... I was mega emofied.
I went to the wash room - its outside the office, behind the lifts.
So there's this perma mynah nest at the lift area. They're very reproductive.
When I came out of the wash room, I saw 2 mynahs standing on the floor, and they didn't move when I got closer.
I realised their attention was on this patch on the floor!!!
One of their sky blue eggs somehow fell out of the nest and shell shards and very very orange yolk was in this sad splattered puddle.
So emo. They were so sad... Looking at their ex-child-to-be.
After that cannot concentrate on work already.

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