Friday, January 15, 2010

[ 15012010 3am | i need more sleep ]

i have so many random thoughts going through my mind.
i wonder what i would think now of myself when i was 18.
i wonder how i'd deal with myself. LOL
i've been thinking about new year resolutions... and i've been putting writing them down for a while.
i did write some down at sam's house on NYE, cos she MADE me. but they weren't really WELL thought through.
and i've already failed to keep... perhaps... .half of them.
Lets see...
- i need to take care of myself better. like, get more sleep, put on some weight, fix my straw/grass/(insert anything brittle and dried out) -like hair, take more pains to dress less chapalang-ly.
- i need to love everyone around me better. to be less of a sociopath, less cold, less detatched. and bankai less. and meet up with the people who i havent been meeting up with for the longest time.
- i need to clear out my room. and keep it cleared.

there's something wrong with my eye...
that red thing gave me a headache for 2 days straight -.-
no, don't ask me to see a doctor...
can someone count the number of eyelashes i have? it looks pathetically sparse. lol...
macro function is so gosu.

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Anonymous said...

bottom 49, top 90-100.