Friday, January 22, 2010

[ 22012010 1.15am | why ]

cos i've broken all my promises to you... i've broken ALL my promises to you...
what matters most?
everything that you feel while listening to every word that i sing...
~secondhand serenade

he says i think too much
he says i only write when i'm not happy
he says he doesnt need to know.

(you say... i only hear what i want to, i don't listen hard, don't pay attention to the distance that you're running... to anyone... anywhere...)

i'm dreading some things... and i'm looking forward to other things...
i'm sorta glad its not my week to write on the pms blog... cos i'd be terribly boring and uninspired.
i need to
i need to... do so many things. i feel so tired thinking of the countless things i'm supposed/have/expected to do.
and i can't figure out what keeps me doing them.
i worry that i will soon become a mindless zombie, spastically repeating movements. with no emotions attached.
even a machine would be more qualified to be human than i in this (approaching) state.
i've compromised many things i think, believe and feel.
and i can only wait for the day my conscience comes back for revenge.

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