Thursday, January 14, 2010

Its the kind of mood where I've decided to spam shattered by OAR at close to the loudest volume my mako can go.
I think my neighbours hate me. But that's just too bad.
I don't consider my self an emo person... But I figure I must appear that way to you all because when some thing(s) get/s to me I'll take it out on a keyboard.
I make no excuses though. If I am, so be it. I am.
As I look at the conflict before my eyes... I think... Endless possibilities in every direction, but a misstep in any, leaves you nowhere to go.
And its not easy to be farsighted, whilst considering the immediate issues, and tapping on the experience of the past. But we all do get better, the more we practise right?
Judging by the way things are, I'm gonna be a professor in Decision Making and Problem Solving by next year.
And then I look at what was... What is... What I would like to see.
My past and my future side by side, as close and as separate as two pages of a book laid to rest open, on its covers.
Joined, but not really; separated, but not exactly so.
On one side, there's what I loved, on the other, what I love. And on the z-axis, there's what I could love.
I need some good alone time... By the beach... In the dead of the night... Under the pouring rain.
It is not enough...

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