Tuesday, January 26, 2010

[ 26012010 12.10am | thanks... ]

its been a very long and tiring journey up to today.

i've been at the cusp ...

and it looks like i'm finally crossing over to the other side.

i'm not sure if its the light side or the dark side, but rest assured, i will be totally engulfed by which ever side i find there.

i'm am utterly grateful for the many helping hands this past month.

its like a scene in Advent Children where Cloud is boosted up into the sky to poke a monster. every step has people lending their support and encouraging him on.

so many things to be grateful for.

but in the end, you face the decision alone.

other people can only lead you there, you make the final call.

and tomorrow ... i hope i make it there before the final call. i have a tendency to be late for the first appointments of the day...


its gonna be a good few days.

anything with my girls is gonna be great.

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