Wednesday, February 03, 2010

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its gotten cold, but it still tastes great.
reminds me of the xlb shop in shanghai with their hong cha...
i can't even begin to talk about shanghai. there's just too much that i'm feeling and thinking about it.
the trip was great. perhaps, better than i expected and hoped for.
unfortunately there's only one thing that can turn the "perhaps" into "it WAS". and that one thing is TIME.

its like the weather is reversed - cold indoors, hot outside. as opposed to warm indoors, winter air outdoors.
i'm addicted to winter clothing... all the layers and boots. =D and of course... long black sleek coats. *sighs happily
*digression - i just got a fantastic song from my colleague. i know what i don't like about it... but generally it fits (OMGOSH I ACTUALLY TYPED "FEEDS"  ACCIDENTALLY) my mood.*
i ate alot, slept alot, and got stressed out alot.
my aims there were all accomplished. but because of the trip, i have new aims. *sneaky smile.
and i'm pleased to announce that my bb has its data plan back up and running. it was sucky not to have msn on the go! my other bb is just... not the same for web surfing and msning. =\ starhub is not bad la! they settled my complaint withing 24hrs.
i only have ONE conclusion to make after the trip.
and that is : jon should have been born a girl.
more elaboration on that after work...

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