Saturday, February 27, 2010

[ 27022010 2.24am | mehhday ]

happy mehh day sheepie!


i would like to. go on a holiday somewhere cold, and wet.
and alone.
like... now.

in case you all havent realised, i've been very caught up with the team blog's blog special - a week in the life of yours truly. which translates into silence here.
thank you for your support, i hope it made an interesting read =)


Anonymous said...


tammy said...

its fine. at least u read enough of it to know it was boring =)

Anonymous said...

silly girl, i read it all. you're lovely usually but those blog posts made you come across as a typical attention whore. and very boring. i read it all only because of who you are.

just my elaborated thoughts. feel free to treat me as one of your typical haters and ignore.

giorgioairmani said...

you need to get out from that shitty country of yours