Monday, February 15, 2010

[ 15022010 7.13pm | MORE alaska pics ]

i was reading clubsnap... and i came aross a post on alaska in the winter. it looks gorgeous...
i WILL go back in the winter.
i WILL. one day.
but in the meantime... here are more of my summer alaska trip pics. =)

holding a piece of glacier. a glacier melts in a really cute way... little pieces sort of pop off like ice cubes.
in juneau, they used to harvest glacier ice to put in their beers cos it takes a longer time to melt, and its really cold
but its now banned cos the glaciers are receeding due to global warming.

there's the glacier i took a piece of ice from.
the murky river put my mum off walking towards the glacier. haha.
my toes nearly froze off walking through it barefoot.
thats my dad on the right. he looks like he's peeing. oh well.

thats me after braving the subzero river waters, at the toe of the Exit Glacier in Seward.
i look so bedraggled.
the wind coming down from the glacier is also extremely cold.
made all my old creaky athritic joints hurt. gg.
dad and i!
we were standing on the balcony of our cruise ship.
i was getting tired of trying to aim the camera to catch myself and the scenery...
so i just took the reflection of our balcony door.
daddy got gosu camera. i don't have..
see... so tiring to aim yourself and the background into the pic...
this is what happens when you forget to put on your camera flash - your face ends up shadowed.
but the scenery is nice!
Juneau. beautiful sunset.
caught a bit of the boats balcony in the pic so i'd remember where i took the pic.
parents were watching some live show in the theatre on the boat... i was mucking around in the room.

skagway on the yukon railway.
scary rickety bridges.
and an old train.
me wearing my mum's hat, looking pleased.
still on the yukon railway.
it was really hot.
no other purpose to posting this pic other than to let people criticize my spotty face.
i was eating mega alot of nonsense!!


Anonymous said...

like seriously where do you download that superimpose program

tammy said...

its good isnt it? its from alaska. =D

Anonymous said...

screw the mountains tammy you're the real work of art.