Thursday, February 11, 2010

tarantula vs bird

i never realised how self righteous some people can get, until i read the comments for this video.
it is fascinating to watch nature in action. it is fascinating to watch animals kill each other, mate with each other, hunt each other, eat together... etcetc.
but if i were to put it down to curiosity of the spider's owner - he wanted to see what would happen - then i think that ignorance and curiosity on his part are lame excuses.
from the comments, spiders CAN eat birds, but not in excessive amounts due to the high calcium content. well, its just ONE chick. there's no indication whether the spider was on its 5th chick or whether its the first chick the owner ever gave it.
most of the commentors took issue with feeding it a chick. a BABY BIRD which hadnt any chance to see the world. you're all personifying a bird ffs. animals are animals, humans are humans.
and if you're so concerned about animal rights, then what about the mouse or the cricket you're recommending in place of the chick ? lol ? those aren't animals?
and who are YOU, or WE as HUMANS to determine an animals' rights?


Anonymous said...

it's youtube comments. i would never be so silly as to get upset over youtube comments. i have better things to do with my time you see.


tammy said...

And pray tell, what do you occupy your time with? Something I would probably or possibly classify as 'not worth my time', I'll bet.
And since you've totally missed the point, I guess I shall just have to spell it out for you to read : I'm irked, in general, by the combination of stupidity and selfrighteousness.
Not by 'youtube comments'

idunnolol said...

duh silly

rats are pests they deserve to get eaten

chicks are cute when they are small but killing them when they are baby are cruel because they are better eaten as fried bird when they are adult

and have you seen a dead rat hit by a car ? what do other rat do? they eat the corpse , bird couple they would keep trying to wake the other dead bird and will refuse to leave the other dead bird ( and no i didt watch this in animal planet or what i saw it with my own eye that one time when i came out of my closet , you got it right i am a closet wanker )

oh and by the way how dare you compare such vile hideous creature as rat with a bird?

by the way its all about hierarchy, like a life a Malaysian is more important than a Singaporean. like in 2012 , not every life deserve to be safe. that is law of nature

Anonymous said...

well said 'cept singaporeans are clearly the superior beings.

tammy said...

since i'm half malaysian i guess that means i own the best of both worlds.