Monday, February 08, 2010

[ 07022010 11.38pm | hmm. ]

this is the time. for a YOU post.
i'm glad you've turned around. its nice to see that you're coming to your senses.
you're just, in all generality (is that a word?) not there.
i can't decide whether i wanna kill you, or befriend you.
most of the time you surprise me with what i feel about you.
you might be what i classify as fking dumb and someone i'd willingly throttle, but. always the but.
as bad as you think you are, i just can't see it.
you're getting too full of yourself, you needa take a step back.
you're part of a good memory.
and i wanna turn you into a memory.
and i wish you weren't even in my memory.
you needa make up your mind, cos there's only so many times i can tahan the same thing.
you drive me nuts, but its nuts i put up with. again and again.
with you, anything is possible!!!
as usual, don't ask, and i won't elaborate.
ok ok... THANKS CYN for the INSPIRATION.
have a good flight back, and come back soon.

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Anonymous said...

i knew it i knew it

YOU is the reason you benched.