Friday, November 07, 2003

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as with my kill bill entry, those of you who havent watched The Matrix Revolutions, please bugger off if you dont want me to spoil your show.

basically, i felt that the theme didnt run as deep in this one as it did in the other two. this one was more of an action movie with the regular romance theme. however, there are issues that you can pick up from it.
to me, the religion theme ran quite strong in this one... there was a lift button that read "hell". (for those who;ve watched, its the lift which they take to go see the Frenchman) hell... i guess it symbolises the real world, especially when "viewed" through Neo's second sight. (ie when he was blinded) it was all firey and stuff... zion would thus be the realm of the "enlightened", the people who have come to know the truth. the machine world is, i guess, heaven.
then, the source, the large ugly machine thing, it said "it is done" somehow thats very... crucifixion kinda thing... especially after neo sacrificed himself to bring peace between the machine world and zion. (the mediator for you?) even the name zion is Blibical.
back to matrix 1, the red pill and the blue pill... isnt the red pill like the forbidden fruit? it offered knowledge... knowledge beyond what a normal human was supposed to know...
free will. the oracle advocated free will.

do you believe that shows are left for you to fill in the gaps yourself? that the cinematic text is troue? (nope, thats not a spelling error) that you are free to interpret it however you want, hence everyone will walk out of the cinema with different interpretations of the same thing?
i think i'm having too much theatre studies...

and somehow the idea of a deus ex machina keeps coming into my mind... not sure where it can be applied... to neo perhaps?

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