Saturday, November 29, 2003

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EXAMS ARE OVER!!! hohoho... (no, i'm not trying to be father christmas here...)

went out with my cousin today, after a rather disastrous chem paper -_-. watched duplex. *spoiler alert* do not continue reading if u dun want your movie spoilt.

anyway, dont watch the movie unless you're prepared to be totally irritated and pissed off by the stupid old hag and the people she is in cahoots with. yes. she actually is in cahoots with her son, the housing agent and the policeman. if i ever turn out to be such a conniving old woman, please, i beg you, put me down. mercy killing. i'll forgive you.
then again, i guess the actors were successful, see, one starts to empathise with the CHARACTER. the line between the CHARACTER and the ACTOR is blurred. thats so wrong. typical bourgeoise drama. haha.
ok. ts ppl, dun whack the shit out of me.

i think its full moon. soon? cos people everywhere are going mad!!! i'm so serious about that. or maybe i'm the crazy one... maybe its the after exam high...
anyway, on the mrt, theres this bunch of juveniles on a holiday high who are in the i think i'm damn cool cos i make alot of noise stage. so there they are yelling loudly about terrorists at tampines and dunno wat. everytime the mrt stops at a station, they'll yell loudly out of the mrt so the whole platform turns and looks at them in shocked disgust.
then, theres these two girls, who decide that they are so totally starving that they cant wait 5 more minutes til the mrt stops at pasir ris to eat their very smelly chicken wings. like... huh. great, no wonder the older generations say that kids are getting worse and worse. cos they see all these badly brought up freaks around.

not that older people are much better. have u realised that its the older generation thats giving us singaporeans a bad reputation? they seem to think that they are so big deal that they are allowed to crash around in very crowded buses and mrts and step on everyones toes (literally and figuratively) just so that they can chiong for their seats or to get off the vehicle. yar, and they bump around their huge plastic bags at your knees so that you get blueblacks that stay for weeks after that. they seem to think they are ENTITLED to everything just cos they are older! when was the last time you gave up your seat on the mrt and received a grateful thanks? or when you opened the door for someone and they actually bothered to look you in the eye and smile?

when i was waiting for my dad at the station, after that monster ride... i was impressed by this guy in a car. REALLY IMPRESSED. he put the faith back in me man. amongst all these idiots who park in the middle of carpark exits and park so far away from the kerb so that not even a motorcycle can pass the 2 lane road and leave the engine idling so that all the poor pedestrians get gassed to death, there is this guy, who bothered to turn down his headlights when he swung by to pick a girl up. he realised it was shining into our eyes, and he turned them down. automatically. how nice is that??? he actually BOTHERED, even though he stopped the car for a mere... wat... 30 seconds? to let the girl get on board.

its things like this... people like these... who put the faith back in me.

bumper sticker of the day : " my boss is a jewish carpenter"
[dont get it? feel free to ask =) ]

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