Saturday, November 15, 2003

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life never serves you what you expect her to. i made life a female cos females are more unpredictable. what with pms and menopause and watever. stereotype perhaps, but well. serves my purpose.
for example, my ps essay. i didnt work at it, i believe alot of the ppl who got b's worked much harder at their essay then i did at mine. yes, sorry, but i'm still hung up over that.
choices, decisions. how would you know that you made the right one. is there even a right choice to make? what is right? what may seem right to you... may seem wrong to someone else!
there are somethings about this life... that we will never be clear about... not until we meet out Maker face to face i guess...
sometimes, i just wish i could see what my future will be like... i'm of the school that believes my future has all been planned out see... then i'll know which path to take... which decisions to make... what to do...
even so... how would we know which means lead to the end... maybe there are more paths to the final destination...

screwed up mind. i feel like matrix.
bloddy second guessing.
(bloddy??? haha...)

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