Tuesday, January 06, 2004

[ 06012004 11.58pm | OUCH! ]

i'm happily cleaned up and scrubbed. but in pain! had a shoot today (buy herworld in march!!) and they did 4 different looks on me. meaning, they applied make up did a shoot, clean it off, reapply and shoot again...clean it off, reapply, shoot, clean, reapply, shoot... including hair. ouch ouch.
it was an honour to have peter, one of singapores top makeup artists do my face. but at the end of it all, my eyelids were so sore! and red... and watery... modelling aint such a bed of roses afterall eh.
and mascara is hell to take off man... i spent 1/2 an hour cleaning up an eye just now.
the crew were decidedly patient with me i must admit... prob cos i wasnt paid, and by virtue of the fact that my sis works there.
all in all, it was one heck of an experience. definitely. and i've never had so much makeup applied on my face before!

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