Sunday, January 18, 2004

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an email i got today from an old fren... :
it takes a minute to find a special person
an hour to appreciate them
a day to love them
but an entire life to forget them

something appreciated. =)

went for sailing water trials today, spent the day suffering with mr dalan aka ziyang. help. haha... he'll beg to differ saying he was the one suffering with me. anyway. let me tell you about that nuthead. he, happilly treats NSC (national sailing centre) like his home. then, he hangs his berms up in the toilet on a hook, and changes into pe attire so he can splash around in the boat. then, he comes back soaking and stinking, only to find that someone has taken his berms away. hahahaa... so what does he do? he parades around in a tiny towel. you know, those "goodmorning" towels you see in kopi tiams? basically, more of a hand towel than a bath towel... the sports towel size things. yeah... so he parades around in it... then, he puts his soaking stinking shorts on over it. like... huh?
such a joker.

anyway, had a freaking good time out on the water todae man... and in the water too. you have no idea how good power feels in your hands... hearing the sail hum brought back so many memories... feeling the hiking muscles ache all over again... sigh. its been ages since i last sailed, about a year, since the last safyc regattas... and its been even longer since i sailed with someone else on the same boat. haha... not since waiyong did i have that much fun... that i can remember... haha... sounds a little sick.
the fake crewing and trapezing... the monkeying around trying to throw each other overboard by jerking the main sheets or the mast...

all in all, a really great day. one of the best i've had in a super super super long time...

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