Wednesday, January 07, 2004

[ 07012004 9.25pm | =) ]

heh sue... u are one faithful reader of my blog... =) anyway, just wait for the march issue lor! =)
i'm having trouble viewing my blog... how pathetic is that. so, i cant reply on my tag board. -_-

watched mona lisa smile.
mona lisa is smiling. but does that mean she's happy?
this hit me. cos, i've been trained to grin and bear it, to force myself to smile cos it brings results, and makes people feel more comfortable. to smile cos i've been scolded by various people for looking dao, compounded with the fact that i am from top schools... not smiling thus immediately equates stuck-up ness.
its very possible to see through a smile. you know if the smile is real or not. whether it reaches the eyes or not... sometimes i wonder how transparent my smiles are... sometimes i even wonder if my own smile is real or not...

song of the moment frou frou - its good to be in love. fantastic beat, fantastic voice. but havent really gotten into the lyrics yet. terribly dreamy.

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