Friday, August 04, 2006

[ 04082006 4.15am no shit! ]

time flies. like crazy. a while ago, it was half a year to wcg. now wcg's at my front door...
anyhow, no more nonsense pls. no distractions, no shit until after wcg ktb! leave everything for the 14th august!
(which coincidentally is the date joie goes back home. but then, havent met up with her... only once, and somehow the bbq thing didnt go through... also, i'm just too caught up in things i guess. )
just thinking abt the things guys will do for gals. its really amazing. if there was any reason for motivation, its love, or infatuation.
love is the disease which makes even the meanest person alive stare adoringly at another person.
eyes are truly the mirror of one's soul...

anyhow, i guess we'll all lapse into a state of uneasy truce. for now at least, until something else comes up... enough drama thankz!

no assumptions here pls, you are not me, and you dunno what i'm talking abt exactly. u might be surprised to find out that i'm actually talking about something other than what u thought.
hah. so there.

havent been back home so late in months... i'm getting old... and i need my sleep! then again, i dunno how time flew today... three games over so fast ?

k nitex.

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