Thursday, August 24, 2006

[ 24082006 3.06am pwned by egg! ]

was sitting at the bus stop today with ice after egames session with my wgt team + weeeeleeee cyn tallboy, waiting for THE BUS when suddenly, a vehicle, i cant remember what kind, passed by pretty fast. that was followed by a loud splat sound and some wet stuff on my hand. the people around me jumped up and began exclaiming loudly...
ice and i were like sitting there damn blur, tio fiend grip like that. then look down, omgosh ? someone threw an egg at us? and it like burst on his leg and injured his finger. ROFL. then the indian dudes around us were like @#$@#$@$#%$% cos they kenna all over their arms and shirt. the impact like hit ice's leg... ROFL... then the AOE was quite gosu... ROFL.
so i guess he'll finally send his jeans for washing... what a blessing in disguise! lol...


i suddenly feel quite onz abt o2ing all over again... its just the levelling up thats gonna be tiresome... i'd just like to pass the next few stages and skip all the levelling... =.=
thats what happens when u pia single room too long i guess!


had tea yesterday and that kept me up quite late last night. and somehow i'm not sleepy enough to sleep early tonight... dunno why... commentated at wgt smu today, after a short break post capl madness. no atmosphere... and the systems died halfway through, so ant and i were commentating to an audience who couldnt see the game. lol!
i wanna take a look at my recent VODs though... wonder how much of a difference there is...
yest was pretty cool, we hung out as a bunch again, after what seemed like quite a long time, not including the ms stint of cos...... lux, jb, cloud, ant, joe... after eG again of cos.

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