Sunday, August 27, 2006

[ 27082006 5.38pm the oneS that got away ]

went fishing on the bedok jetty on fri night. was supposed to be joined by various other people, who all decided to pangseh in the end. but its ok. it was a fun night !
cept that...........

i left my line tension low and was just walking around then suddenly my reel started singing. so i scuttled back and found the tension dial popped off and my line was in a mess, in addition there was a hard pull on the line. so i was like ahh ahh ahhhhh pop the dial back on straighten out the line then start reeling. by then the fish was under the jetty swimming the other way... and it was pretty strong. line snapped cos it was rubbing against the corner of the jetty...
so... sian. gotta retie my rigging and untangle the reel.... and lost a fish.

then! i got a strange drag on my line that eased and slackened... so i pulled it in, it was like pulling a plastic bag in. and my neighbouring malay man's rod jingled as i reeled. ie, i caught his line...
so... i was like... ahh sian again...
pull pull... reel... suddenly this squirting wriggling thing pop out of the water, quite heavy and quite big.
an OCTOPUS. lol! i didnt pull it over the railing and it plopped on the jetty behind the railing as the malay man moved forward... to grab my hook cos it was tangled with his line.
so the octopus, wasting no time, scuttled back into the water after overturning itself.
there goes my lunch!
see, the ps ppl came, they could have grabbed a few tentacles and yanked it in for me...

in addition, there was an abundance of spiky poisonous yellow sea slugs. irritating buggers.
but it was a good night. ^^


saturday woke up late, and went to church anniversary celebrations. i skulked around outside talking to tengren for quite a while... feeling anti social. later went in to join the singing and dinner. mass satay or! then we had a short message, singing, dessert and more fellowshipping. it was great, shanci was back from cambridge too. somehow, these are the ppl i grew up with, and although we arent exactly in touch with each others lives, somehow, you cant get that far... havent chatted with them like that for so long... it was just great.
in addition to some... expose stuff! =x


just woke from a lazy sunday nap... waiting for dinner with the family...

against all odds~*

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