Tuesday, August 08, 2006

[ 08082006 1.38pm nuaaaaaa ]

late night out + rain = nua the next day.

anywayyyy wcg is on friday. arrr! i have changed my mouse feet! my three footed mouse is running soundlessly thx to daryl ho's surfx feet. lol.
and i know this may be abit late, but feng, by jay chou is some gosu. 枫 - 周杰伦.

sometimes it has to take something really big to happen, before people wake up and learn to take things seriously... its just a pity that it has to take a misfortune before we learn.
"if you do that to me, i'll revive you and kill u personally."

presently : worried.
wondering what certain friends are thinking... =( and whats going on. dynamics can change so quickly and easily. perhaps what i saw was not really there in the first place.

缓缓掉落的枫叶像思念 为何挽回要赶在冬天来之前 爱你穿越时间~*

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