Sunday, August 13, 2006

[ 13092006 12.25am stunned. ]

Mi-2. team name that will be etched in the history of the singapore dota community as the first team to break the 10 month beyond godlike spree of zEnth, previously known as mVp (team 1). semi finals of wcg. 12082006. as jy put it, i'm not stunned that Mi-2 won, just stunned that zenith lost. i wonder how it would have been if i was commentating that match, kel was speaking to me after the match and he was saying that as he saw the raxes going down, he was just blank. sitting in the audience, i believe my jaw was just hanging.

however, the important match of the day went terrific. zenith pwned phillippines team 129JB totally upside down. the match the whole of dotasg was waiting for, after various posts in the forums.

Mi-2 is now the only singaporean team in finals, they will be meeting Lz, a thai team which has a really unconventional strat. theres so much pressure on Mi-2 to hold the singapore flag high.

and, in the end, i think Mi-2 is mixed. i'm sure they are super happy to have unseated zenith, but on the other hand, they are all close friends. . . i'm sure theres a feeling of paiseh-ness going on. back in irc, jb was kping what people were saying in #wcg, about comments like "why they so stupid let the medusa farm", basically unhappy that they were finding a chance to call other teams noob.
as kel and i were discussing, we still feel zenith is the better team, in that they are a thinking team. to quote him "its like what ever you throw at them, they will somehow counter it on the spot."
at the end of it all, looking at that match, and the weeks prior to the match, Mi-2 really deserved to win. but i cant shake the feeling of sadness all the same...

a feeling of emptiness is setting in, in the wake of wcg. at least now theres still been events for 2 days after my wcg matches. but after sunday... its life in my face again. wgt coming up, but no more kel to commentate with... faced with the necessity of earning an income, saving $ and not playing so much. no goal to work towards, and knowing that might be the last competitive match i can give so much effort to. kinda breaks my heart thinking about it. i've always been heavilly involved in competitions, be they gym, sailing, floorball... computer games...


as for what you all may hear about the topic "legs" please know that its all not true!!! or at least, its not the way it seems!!! lol... to be certain, please check with me for the real story! somehow this feels like the story on the skadi-qop. grr.
for real story, pls contact me! lol...

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