Wednesday, August 23, 2006

[ 23082006 12.39am the reason... ]

i finally have the conclusion, after almost a month's long wait. since my SIA medical on the 25th of july, i have been kept waiting... for this reply. i got it in a letter of rejection today.
for those of you who may think i'm disappointed, i'm not, relieved, yes, sort of, because i was expecting it anyway... my medical condition isnt that big a deal, its not fatal or anything... but i guess its a good enough reason for them to reject me.
i'm just quite intolerant of the fact that they kept me hanging for SO LONG. they were supposed to get back to me in about 10 days or so... but they dragged it for a month. and i can tell you, the wait was hell... i was so grumpy, partly cos of the uncertainty they left me in...
so yes, my answer is here, try not to ask me about it, cos i will tend to laspe into a spate of uncontrolled rambling.
right now, i just have to decide what to do with my life.
all over again.
through this 2 month long journey, i have much to be thankful for. for my first interview ever, i really made it through smoothly. and i have a new sense of self confidence. all through it, i have kept You in sight, and always entrusted every step to You. so, in the end, i know its all part of Your plans, Lord. and i know my life is in Your hands. i trust You. and i thank You for being there for me always.
and i also have you. and you, you and you.
thanks for all these other you's in my life who are always there. <3>

there is always a reason. in You, my weakness is made perfect.

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