Sunday, August 20, 2006

[ 20082006 8.26pm droolz. ]

me : one jasmine milk tea, no pearl, no ice
aunty : jasmine milk ah
[hands over the drink]
me to ice : how come taste like toothpaste ah...
ice : she said is jasmine wat i asked her.
me : [realisation] o... jasMINT milk tea...

lol. lesson : no order this kinda thing at untested stalls!


i tawned! for the first time in months! on friday, at funan. kinda help test coms in preparation for kode5 which ended today. then we took the opportunity to play some dota games. before that, went to ms, havent been to ms in ages too! eat ourselves silly.
funan was warm.
but cool equipment, razer diamondback plasma!!! to see so many blue chio things there just gave me this super high or...
and the feel of virgin feet on my steel was just... oooh*.
this is so not how it sounds.


forming a team for wgt. its kinda halfway there already. ok actually all i need is a last. i guess i just need to remember the reason why i wanna play competitive...

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