Tuesday, March 06, 2007

[ 06032007 12.43pm SAD!!!!! ]

last night, taking a slow (and very long) walk back home from tampines, i spied a little wriggling thing on the path ahead. scuttling over, i discovered that it was a rarely seen little beauty. a brahminy blind snake! it was about 10cm in length and thinner than your mouse wire. so, of course, me being me, i picked it up and brought it home. [lol! examining it under microscope at the gas station eh?] it feels exquisite against your skin... like a moving metal chain, cool and sleek, its little tongue a treat to see as it flickered in and out occassionally, so small that it was finer than a strand of hair.
i brought it home and kept it in a container in my room, leaving it ajar so as not to suffocate it. and when i woke this morning, it was gone! somewhere in my room. TT" i hope it survives. and i'm so sad that i cant hold it again...
maybe my mum let it go... cos she doesnt like me capturing bugs and stuff... all very well for her, SHE eats them. *thinks of the 2 poor beetles she recently chomped into*

anyhow heres a pic of it, taken off the web, cos i had no time to take one of mine... SO SADDDD

and here's the link if you'd like to know more about it!

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