Sunday, March 25, 2007

[ 25032007 2.09pm recruitment! ]

dear all,
i am pleased to announce that asterisk*[X3M] is recruiting, so please inform and encourage your female dota friends to attend our trials. we are looking at taking 2-3 new members to our team. trials are tentatively set for next satuday 31st March at Gaming Giants at katong shopping centre at 3PM. Details can also be found on the asterisk zenith blog or dotasg forums :

1) must be FEMALE. males need not apply.
2) preferably not studying, or not in a crucial exam year.
3) have decent connection + com at home to train. or able to go lan to train with the rest of the team online.
4) can commit to at least ONE training session weekly.

trials will be held at Gaming Giants at katong shopping centre and we require you to be down in person so we can verify your sex. this is NON-NEGOTIABLE.we look forward to meeting you soon.

Gaming Giants
Katong Shopping Centre
(below Asteriods cyber cafe, where the old DC8 used to be. go down the stairs near the POSB atm outside Katong Shopping Centre. its on the right.)

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