Friday, October 03, 2008

[ 03102008 5.39pm | vexed ]

and i'm not sure why exactly.
as usual, its a combination of things. MANY things, may i add.
but i believe the root of the problem is that i think too much.
its a good thing i adjust my emotions quickly, so shocks never really shock me for long. and anyway, because i think so much, i seldom really get shocked.


my mum was searching for garden snails yesterday, hammering the shell off them, and tenderizing the snail meat for Charcoal (char for short), when she sprained her ankle.
she's now on crutches. =_=
Char likes smashed snails.
and i think i know what it is, its a white breasted moorhen/waterhen.
heres a link, theres a small pic of the little black maomao things.

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