Sunday, October 19, 2008

[ 19102008 9.15pm | a day in the life of a garena admin ]

the Background:

i come out of a game, and i'm greeted with a pm on ggc.
here is how it goes:-

[20:24:21]xxx Say:
banning is so fun?

[20:50:5]furryfish Say:
leave = ban
[20:50:25]xxx Say:
and u dont ask me why and ban.think ahority for u to play??
[20:51:22]xxx Say:
i have 50 in banlist..u want ban 1 by 1??

[20:51:38]furryfish Say:
u expect me to ask all the leavers why? if u want to leave then dont join games in room 3/4
[20:51:45]furryfish Say:
reasons can always be
[20:51:47]furryfish Say:
cooked up
[20:52:30]xxx Say:
u not suit to be one , think this is your house??swear to god u never leave game b4.
[20:53:7]furryfish Say:
i'm sorry, but whether i'm suited to be one or not is not for you to decide
[20:53:27]xxx Say:
i wonder how to get it,not from good ways (edit:k i dont understand this bit)
[20:54:31]furryfish Say:
anyway if i'm not wrong, i only banned u for 7 days from room 4
[20:54:36]furryfish Say:
unintentional leaving = 7 days
[20:54:55]xxx Say:
ya,its a easy thing to u
[20:55:19]furryfish Say:
well, if u have a good reason for leaving during countdown ure welcome to present your case
[20:55:56]xxx Say:
no nid to present,thats not a big deal to ban me,i can unban it also.

[20:56:8]furryfish Say:
but if you're just pming me to abuse me verbally, then sorry, i'm not interested in continuing the conversation
[20:57:11]xxx Say:
this is not called abuse,u are abusing your own athority,my mum off the power,how am i going to continue, ask yourself...end it
[20:57:28]xxx Say:
want earn respect? not like this

[20:58:17]furryfish Say:
you know u can speak to me nicely and request an unban, like i said, if u think u had a good reason. i dont need a moral lesson from anyone.
[20:59:4]furryfish Say:
if u would like me to unban you, please let me know directly. i'm sorry i dont stand for being scolded when im doing my job.
[20:59:49]xxx Say:
how am i speak to u nicely without entering your room and your account?
[20:59:52]xxx Say:
i am god??

[20:59:57]furryfish Say:
you managed =)
[21:0:11]xxx Say:
so.what u said is not supported

[21:0:38]furryfish Say:
[20:59:57]furryfish Say:
you managed =)
[21:0:46]xxx Say:
as u like

[21:1:16]furryfish Say:
^^ have a good day.


the Argument:
fyi, garena sg rooms 3 and 4 have a strict banning system.
unintentional leaving = 7 days
intentional leaving = 30 days
and there are other banning time frames for repeated offenders.
nick, aka aod-jehovah was the one who introduced me to these rules for the rooms, and i so far, have only banned those who left in my games, or leavers in games that other admins are in.
i do not think i'm unreasonable as an admin, i have unbanned a couple of people who came back with their reasons.
bottom line is, i'm not being paid to do this. i gain nothing from this, other than a sense of satisfaction that i'm cleaning out the leavers from the rooms, and making the community a better place to game.
i don't need anyone's respect, in fact, being an admin is a dirty job, and you're likely to get beaten up/sworn at/bm-ed more frequently then anyone else in the room.
i'd like to think, that the leaver situation in room 3 and 4 has improved dramatically. there are actually entire games that i can sit through, which are 5v5 to the end.
and that, makes me, and my fellow room 3 and 4-ers HAPPY.

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