Tuesday, October 28, 2008

[ 28102008 1.12am | grumpy. ]

dig this out.
dispose of it.


needs to kill something badly. any willing party out there?


today had its happy bits. =D
girls ftw.
hua - give me the pics pls.

frostmourne - bloodelf hunter - Anaitis
barthilus - nightelf priest - sophrosyneff
i dont really play my undead mage Odyne yet...
so yeah.
Anaitis is basically the persian goddess of nature, ie, she blesses all land, waters etc. since she's a hunter... i decided to get a bird like pet for her. so i got a dragon hawk, and named it ceyx. ceyx is this guy, who died, and was turned into a bird. HAHAH. i like. i named her thus because she has control over the animals, and her pets.
sophrosyne is the goddess/greek meaning of moral sanity and from there self control or moderation guided by true self-knowledge. the ff stands for furryfish. haha... cos sophrosyne the name was taken by some other player. fitting for a priest, imo.
Odyne, now, i like her. she's the goddess of pain. to hell with akasha. lol. love this name the best, cos it goes so well with my undead mage.

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