Tuesday, February 10, 2009

[ 10022009 11.12am | euk? ]

i have nothing much to talk about... but i feel like writing anyway.
i'm considering a boat rod, but how often am i going to use it? and can i use it anywhere else?
i think i'll just survive for now. maybe.
i just got what felt like 2 kg of weights as well. keep losing them in the sea. gg.
i need to do various things... like pack up my room. i have decided to throw out many things. muahaha... WHEN will i get down to it. my room is SUCH a MESS.
so... its like, there's alot happening around me and stuff, i feel abit like a boulder, standing unchanging against the tides.
and i'm being a rather grumpy fish for now.
20th Feb - boat fishing trip 2.

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