Friday, February 27, 2009

[ 27022009 10.40am | mehhhday* ]

happy mehh day dawn!


i had a dream.
it's another of those thought provoking dreams that get you at the wrong time, in the wrong frame of mind.
so yeah. thought of the day, or thought of the night, is.
what makes people like each other.
why does it seem that the probability of you liking someone, and that someone liking you back is unrealistically high?
is it
1) flattering to the other party that you like him/her, thats why he/she likes you back?
2) some magical instant connection that throws both parties suddenly into the same wavelength?
3) does the other party react emotionally because you (un)consciously send signals showing u like him/her?

a starving brown and white furry cat eating tofu, snowsports in cars, and the presence. =.=
i wanted to continue lounging in my own reality when my dad banged on my door and got me out of bed.
it was forgotten as i occupied myself with the morning rush out of the house, only to flood back, in an overwhelming wave, and very unexpectedly too, when i sat back and had a quiet moment to myself when i didn't need to be occupied with any thought/action at hand.
if there is one defining characteristic that is pretty consistent in my dreams... its a sense of... longing.

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