Friday, February 13, 2009

[ 13022009 2.54am | pain. ]

pain causes me to think.
usually when i'm in pain and don't want to think, i'll hop into a game and magically, the pain disappears.
when the game ends however, everything comes crashing back down on me.
then i have to find a new game.

so ya... i think i'm about to die from pain right now. but i have no urge to play a game. so i shall write some nonsense.

what are the top 3 best days of my life?
no particular day seems to stand out in my mind... but my thoughts revolve around enjoyable incidents and events.
like sailing. gym. dota... floorball.
i didn't think it'd be so hard to pinpoint a couple of perfect - to me - days of my life.
on the flip side, i can't think of the top 3 worst days of my life either.
i do remember one particularly unenjoyable day i had, but it can't be classified anywhere near bad. i was cramming for semester end exams and it was one of those still warm days when the library is too cold, but the canteed is way to uncomfortable. and i was doing a module that i found totally pointless - linguistics - and nothing was getting in at all. simply. nothing.
but i continued trying anyway.
i actually enjoy writing long essays. there is something satisfying about putting together a long string of words, in an orderly (or disorderly...) manner, so that they (do not) make sense.

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