Monday, February 16, 2009

[ 16022009 11.07am | V-day@GH ]

i know i might sound like a loser, but i don't really care. i've spent the majority of my V-days at LAN and this v-day was no different.
at least i had 5 other gals to spend it with! =D
(yes i can count. its 5 other. )
So, we go to GH on V-day, and we sign our new contract with them for 6 months. GameHaven @carpenter St IS OFFICIALLY OUR LAN SPONSOR!!
any team wanna come down on sat to lan train with us? we're there from around 2-6pm every sat. but sorry, no discount for you.
SOOOOO here are the photosssssss...

this photo is damn damn funny... haha...
hua and i were trying to molest hime cos she's wearing this short skirt
and her sexaaayyy legs are exposed.
SEE HER MOUTH OPEN SO BIG trying to scream!!!!

K then this one isn't interesting. lol.
its just 3 of us. looking blueeee...

And one with us not looking blue.
we're not blue!!! cos we're happily spending v-day together at lan!
hime has a nose replacement.


Fir was telling me about his brother who is taking an animal behaviour module at nus. They just finished spiders. Fighting spiders to be exact.
So here's the spider story - two male spiders on their own are quite ok and fine. But once you drop a female in among them, they start going crazy.
I was thinking that that behaviour isn't too far off from certain other males of species similar to ours in the same situation.
Of course there may not the identical arm waving circling each other kind of display, but definitely, i believe that competition for a female would evoke the same urge to do just that, in males of species similar to us.

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