Thursday, February 26, 2009

[ 26022009 1.39am | meouch! ]

i went fishing again on fri. and i happily applied sunblock on my face, except my forehead and eyes.
it wasnt VERY bright so i took off my sunglasses, and my hat blew off into the sea... my 2005 or 2006 wcg animax or something white cap. if u find it on the beach somewhere please return thanks.
SO my eye sockets got sunburnt.
i look like i have MEGA dark eyerings. they've gotten progressively darker as the skin healed... from red to light brown to a settled DARK BROWN.
at least it has stopped hurting.
AND i can confirm they are NOT black eyerings.
because the CREASE is NOT TANNED!!! so when i gently stretch the bottom lid down, theres a line of white in the middle of the brown.
talk about bad tans.
and now that i am slightly brown (despite the oodles of sunblock [oodles?] i gooped on... and long sleeves....) i cannot carry off my black look.
WHITE WHITE. i need to become WHITE!!!
(no i'm not being racist. I'M NOT!)

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