Wednesday, February 18, 2009

[ 18022009 1.45am | vs ]

i just had a mega long super sexy game. i can't say i played well... my micro is euk... but at least i have an eye for gameplay. a small eye maybe. a squinting eye.
tired and high. i think i've discovered the joy of playing carrier.


the sexy vamp vs the innocent young thing.
think of it as... Akasha with lina's boobs, vs rylai.
i think i had something more profound to write about this vs... but it seems to have slipped away together with my end game screen........
oh right.
i think it was something about which you prefer and what it says about you.
you know, i'm scared that if i lapse into colloquial too often, i'll forget how to write and pronounce my words properly.
sometimes. i'm not always worried about it.
it seems to come back to me pretty naturally.
i think i look at words in a clinical way - i dissect them, and rearrange them, culture them then present them in the best possible way to reflect as (in)accurately as i can, my current mental state / thoughts / situation etc.
And my toes are very itchy.
so i can't focus.

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