Thursday, February 26, 2009

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i think i've discovered the power of the well marketed pro-gamer.
i seldom covet gaming equipment nowadays - i've more or less settled with my current set up, and i can't do without it - but this particular piece of cloth and rubber, has my long time idol spiritmoon on it.
=D me+ moon. he's quite tall hor.

back to the situation.
i mean... i'm never gonna give up my Razer Destructor, so that new pad would just take up space.
BUT!!! its moon. and its costs 19.99 euros. -.- not inclusive of shipping.
is this the price i must pay to be a fangirl?!
SO this is what its like... i havent been closer to understanding why some girls throw bras etcetc at their favourite movie stars than i am now. not that i'm planning to throw my bras anywhere.
with great reluctance, i shall post the link....

" Moon is a legend who allways sells mousepads tshirts wallpappers for MYM ..."
posted on mym web by another victim, i guess.

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