Wednesday, July 08, 2009

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i think i've become a fan of Kate Voegele.
all hua's fault. this is the current song that i'm mass listening to
its called : Unfair.

The city sleeps
So silently
I wish I could say the same for me
But I've got this dead ended street
To keep searching
For a tunnel underneath the bitter truth
Or a bridge invisible I won't fall through

And I don't know how much I can keep
Letting you unravel me
'Cause the more you learn the more we share
We were worlds apart and you see
It was so much easier to be
'Cause now I know what we can't have and it's so unfair

I never meant
Most of those pretty words I said
But I wanted you to think I did
'Cause telling you all this makes no difference
It's useless
'Cause those who get to know our hearts the most
They always seem to be the ones we'll never hold

Can't you see it's destroying me?
I can't stand the closeness
But don't you dare go avoiding me
It kills me and yet it keeps me going


eh... my blog might sound scary and emo, but i'm actually feeling quite normal.
it just so happens that i'm currently partial to her more depressed sounding songs.
and other than currently having a splitting headache as a result of my own stupidity i couldnt be better!
this week is probably gonna do me in as i chiong material for upcoming meetings.
i think i'm gonna become closely acquainted with the after-hours office crowd, who/what ever it/they may be.


Eliza has taken up residence on our Asterisk* blog as our 6th and event photographer =).
and she's embarrassing us all with our most unglam pictures and darkest secrets.
so... i advise you to quickly take a look before i decide to remove her posts to prevent myself from possibly dying of shame.

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