Friday, July 10, 2009

[ 10072009 4.32am | tiredfishday* ]

been putting alot of hours into work recently...
i'm still at the office.
maybe i'm just inefficient. ^^
anyhow, i'm finding it rewarding, albeit tiring.
and i've still got tons of stuff to do.
i'm growing happier... steadilly happier... with myself, and my aims. and... my life.
and what i'm doing.
and i've realised... i can actually close an eye to many many things... actually... i can close alot of eyes. pity i only have 2 to close, my tolerance level is THAT high.
maybe that means i'm growing up! (or older, however you wish to see it, neither offends me)
what i DO miss however, is reading... a very good book.
and hanging out with friends.
(sat yeah josie! eliza??)
and maybe... just doing... nothing... but pondering... in a tranquil location... at night... where there's a body of water...
preferably... in the rain... with a jacket.
and a teh so sweet it'll hurt my throat to drink it.
ahh... simple pleasures of LIFE. time to fulfill them.

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