Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Backstreet Boys-Straight Through My Heart(Full HQ)

very insomnia-ish.
this is a week of old school music. been listening to all the boybands (are they extinct yet?) - westlife!!!!
gosh i used to be a fan.
had an excellent, and i really mean Excellent, night of games. josie is actually a hidden talent.
level 1 do a gosu ilu block on the slope and fb rk. LMAOZ.
and merry go rounding like 3-4 rounds some plants with the skele. SCREAMING, may i add, NON STOP on skype the whole time. but die to storm bolt 2 mins after we killed the skele cos he gey kiang stay lane very long with red hp.
it was such a funny night...
LOL then we have ice's darkseer vacuuming things away from me like 3 -4 times as i camp sneakily and aim nicely to cup them with my wards. its like the wards and the vacuum come in at the same time. gg.
so my wards end up 5 miles away from them.
then when his ds wasnt around i nicely cup 2 together.
AND A CLOCKWERK oppo who is quite a hooker. lmao...
so farnee...
people bad mood play also play until good mood.
the power of josiefish tok kok teamwork.
share the joy man!!!

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