Thursday, July 16, 2009

[ 2.53am 16072009 | the week? ]

(interesting fact #1 about the author - she gets really chatty and crazy when she's tired out. the more tired, the more crazy she gets
interesting fact #2 - she likes to talk to herself, especially when she's sleepy.)
err... its thursday? wow?
thats amazing. the last i knew, it was sunday and i was rushing out some work from home.
then i had 24 full hours of migraine due to my overstressed teeth grinding exercise when i took a nap without my NTI (thats like... a retainer of sorts... )
and it was a *concuss* kinda nap.
then... i actually can't remember what happened on tuesday...
OH i went home and chionged 8 games of dota. that was good. even though i'm beyond nerdlike.
and now... well... now i'm trying to clear my head before i leave the office, go home stone and try to sleep.
i have to remember to take my cab receipts.
i think i've forgotten 2 or three already.
the good part is, i get to claim day offs after this hellish period is over.
ahhhhhhhh in the distant ... monthhhhhh i seeee....
i see nothing... cos my brain is too fried.
anyhow. i may sound rather articulate here, writing, but i could almost swear that if you walked up to me now, IRL and asked me any question, i'd stammer out my answer to you like a kid infront of a principal.
i did that to my boss... and someone else in the office today. they asked me a question and i stared blankly back at them, THEN proceeded to stammer something unintelligible, which left them frowning and wondering about my mental state.
this hasnt happened to me in years... not since JC when i was mugging 14 hr days.
gosh. the brain stress.
its feels... good though.
like... how you'd feel after sprinting 2.4km.
in pain, but... good.
i would call a cab... but i'm scared i forget the receipt... and i don't really know how to / am too lazy to.
okok... yak yak yak.
how interesting can i get.
i've gotten a song today from the best song provider ever - leyawn.
he not only gives me the songs i WANT, he insists i have a new song a day (wtf?), based totally on his recommendation.
its like so exciting. its like having a blind date every mealtime.
(ok... blinddates DON'T sound exciting, to me at least... i'll never know what pushes YOUR buttons... but you get the picture... meeting something/someone and totally not being able to expect/pre-empt anything.)
so... today's was good. =D
as it usually is.
you warned me that you were gonna leave
i never thought you would really go
i was blind
but baby now i see
i broke your heart
but now i know...
that i was being such a fool
and i didnt deserve you
i don't wanna fall asleep
cos i don't know if i'll get up
and i don't want to cause a scene
but i'm dying without your love
i'm beggin' to hear your voice
tell me you love me too
cos i'd rather just be alone
if i know that i can't have you...
just to spam a few more trivialities...
i have a theory on backstabbing.
its called backstabbing, if you cannot repeat what you said to the person you were talking about.
and also if its discussed with some sort of ill-feeling, malice... yeah.
of course i'm guilty of that.
but usually i'm thick skinned enough to repeat things in front of the person.
and people on the tagboard... you all made my day man...
*yeah yeah i know i sound kinda pathetic saying this.
maybe my brain has rewired itself... so that i find the most banal things amusing.
i guess it comes with staring at grey cubicle walls and monitors for ... 15 hours.
k bye.

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