Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the disjointed don't even try to decipher what i'm thinking cos you'll definitely get it wrong post.

screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain
its 2 am and i'm cursing your name.
you were so in love
that you acted insane
and thats the way i loved you.
taylor swift.
amazing young lady.

its been a while... a long while...
since i had 7 consecutive games. ahhh.
laliang @ ECP cloudia?
hope it rains.
with tea so sweet it'll hurt my throat.
luke warm please.


its amazing how much i can accept, and how much i can live with, that i never thought i could.
of course there are some lines that i still cannot bring myself to cross.
scarred for life?

but from well... perhaps... 2 cm... its 2 m.
and thats a BIG jump.
hope so.


it helps it helps it helps!!!
180 degrees please, and north from south.
pluck... pull... dig... claw it out.
it helps that i'm not angry.
cos anger tells me you mean something.
keep it keep it...
lock it, drown it, burn it.
fade... fade...



thank you* for being there... when there's no one else left for me...
when i'm in my darkest, most suicidal, and well... simply plain upset mood.
"it may take some time to patch me up inside"
there are... i guess... some memories i'd rather not have.
the eternal sunshine of a spotless mind~*

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