Sunday, July 12, 2009

[ 12072009 3.57am | forever and... never. ]

and he's the one who broke her heart, so totally, that no other pain she experienced after that ever had much effect anymore.
sure, she loved again.
but it was never the same...
never with the same innocence and purity.
she still looks at the ring he gave her.
in fact, she wears it round her neck on a chain.
she likes the feel of it against her skin, under her shirt.
the reminder of promises that had once upon a time.....
how a look from him had her blushing so...
when all sensation left her, save for her fingertips, when he held her hand...
his lashes, light and ticklish under her lips...
the shattering of sensations as darkness closed in around her when he turned and didnt look back.
what she won't ever know
is that he wears her ring too...
round his neck, on a chain
where he can feel it next to his heart.


under an inspiration-attack again.
or is it NOT?!
either way you're welcome to check my neck for a chain. just ask first please... i don't appreciate being molested without warning.
(even with warning, you're liable to be mauled...)


T2 was hilarious. i think i pissed the theatre off with laughing. i know jos was mega(tronly) embarrassed to be next to me. LOL!
its not my fault that everyone else is so slow they don't get the joke until after the scene is over~
peaceful night pleasee please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee
*practically begs.

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