Friday, July 10, 2009

[ 10072009 10.30pm | 3/4 deadfish ]

VERY selected WCG 09 photos... i think my hair colour looks quite delicious. of course, as always, you're welcome to disagree.

Donald and i

xuesha, me, jaczie, michelle

but still refusing to sleep.
last night, or rather, morning, was a dreamless morning.
is this the start of my nocturnal peace...
currently have a few songs stuck in my head.
and some weird questions...
i am ... soda water-
an efferverscent drink
untamed energy
with a tangy flavour.
-goodness... don't ask me what recess those weird lines came out from-
its the i'm sleepy, i have many weird things going through my mind and i shall randomly jot them down mode.
a mode i seem to be in very frequently.
parents are back in the morning.
training tomorrow.
jos and eliz after.
ménage à trois
and the mornings are the worst.
partial consciousness and the momentary euphoria it brings,
freezes into a solid lump somewhere in my ribcage,
as reality desaturates my elation into a medley of greyscales...
and the weight sinks deeper...
and lower...
fastening my ankles to the ground
as they clank solidly into place.

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