Wednesday, July 22, 2009

in the 6 years i've kept my blog.. i've only written about 570 entries.
which is actually, very few... perhaps 100 a year? which translates to 1 every 4 days or so?
blogger looks a little weird now... i think there's some bug. but oh well. i'll just write and see if it happens.
its been a night of bming. lol... everywhere i go there's bming. good thing i'm such a polite fish and in a wacky mood.
i do intend to have an angsty, angry, lc ppl upside down day. in a room where i'm not blue of course. which probably means i'm gonna be in my smurf.
there are some days... like today, that i wonder whether i should be taking Lamictal because the symptoms of bipolar disorder seem to fit me so very well.
actually, it seems to fit most of my life very well. and if it affects 1 in 45 people, then well... its quite common actually!
if moods could be passed on by osmosis or something... that would be cool.
sometimes i do wish that someone else could just touch me and read my mind... or read my mood. and feel exactly what i'm feeling.
where is this need to be understood coming from?

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