Sunday, July 26, 2009

[ 260709 2.48am | blogger is ohhkayy! ]

yay... my normal new post screen is BACK.
which means i can add in a title.
had a decent training day. very... time effective... game after game, with no waiting at all.
and i decided to play a pub... with sf. when i got to a com i thot... aiya... just random... and i got sf.
meant to beeee~
you know how... alcoholics need alcohol... and smokers need ciggs... and drug addicts need drugs...
and how maomaoyu needs maomaochongs... (k out of point)
well teens need emo the same way.
at least, thats what i've come to BELIEVE of not just SOME, but MOST teens.
its a downward spiral falling into you.
people seem to like whats bad for them.

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