Saturday, July 04, 2009

*collapses and starts blabbering nonsense out of sheer exhaustion.
TGX 09 - the year of upsets.
and... eliza + josie = lurrrrbeee

its so interesting... that gaming started it,
and gaming shall also be the end of it.

very many sleepy thoughts. i seem to see new connections that didnt seem to exist prior to the sleepy-state.
and i think...
its becoming... clear... to me.

it ain't right to just love me when you can
I wont wait patiently
or wake up everyday
just hoping that you'll still care


its the shot through your chest...
you literally feel your heart pause.
the sensation leaves you instantly cold
you feel the shot radiate up and down your back as it exits.
it leaves you devoid of feeling, and you hear a ringing in your ears...
emotional stress really makes your heart hurt physically.
it causes irregular heart rates, and your heart will retain water.
i presume its the water retention that causes the pain.


when you start blabbering nonsense cos you're sleepy, the best thing to do its just shut up.
unfortunately, thats easier said than done.
*ahhhhh im so tired.

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