Wednesday, February 04, 2004

[ 04012004 12.57am | dirt and the like. ]

pls... ppl, if u have a handphone pouch, like i do, please wash it right now. like... right now. i just washed mine in body shop grape seed body gel and you wont believe the colours that came out of it. yuck. imagine all the grose things living in the fabric... ee.

hands up people who like v-day!
ok. good good... i see your hands...
ok... now, with the other hand thats not up, give yourself a good pinch. preferably somewhere painful, like your ear.
wake up man... v-day is a feel good day for people who have been neglecting their other halfs the rest of the year. its a day when hormones run high, driving the abortion rate among teens up.
why do you have to designate a special day to remember and "chong huai" someone??? shouldnt that happen everyday?
why enrich people who are already rich enough by buying things and watever...
its ok. not everyone thinks like me.
thank goodness for that.
who else doesnt like your own birthday?

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