Monday, February 09, 2004

[ 09022004 11.23pm | rant.rant.ant.tanr. ]

why do people like to post my pics on sggirls... i very chio izzit. either that or you really have nothing better to do man... seems like you have really bad taste, perhaps you are blind... such a blur photo and u vote 10. i dunno whether to be offended or whether to laugh... i just hope i dont know you personally... if i do, pls... never let me know that you were the one who did that... and, at least get shen's name if u want to do that? how rude is that... "tammy tang and fren". somemore shes the chioer one. or at least look for a better photo. gosh.
wheres callan when i need him... or Swordplay...

that was so totally incoherent.

[edit] pls go here. its fantastic stuff. something that us stupid inhibited cowed singaporeans wont have the guts to do. ok. so i AM speaking for myself.

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